Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 110

two thumbs up for the bento snacks d ^_^ b

Day 109

wheat shells with lemon zucchini and asiago cheese... bon appetit :)

Day 108

German Bierocks <3

Day 107

Jackpot!! what does 1000 tickets get you on the Santa Monica Pier?? two plastic bug rings and two shot glasses... at least winning was fun haha ^_^

Day 106

a storm is a brewin'

Day 105

these guys were too cute <3

Day 104

gettin' ready for the grill.. mmmmm

Day 103

Los Angeles <3

Day 102

at the Griffith Observatory no one can hear you scream...

Day 101


Day 100

no lentil soup should be made with out this, at least that's what Grandma told me :)